Experience the perfect destination wedding at Kaalmegha Resort. With private bungalows and a spacious lawn of 2000 to 3000 sf, our resort offers an idyllic setting for your special day. The highlight is our private duplex villa with a personal swimming pool, ensuring an unforgettable celebration in sheer luxury.


Celebrate Your Birthday at Kaalmegha Country Club & Resort Indulge in an unforgettable birthday celebration amidst nature's embrace at Kaalmegha. Kaalmegha offers the perfect blend of luxury and tranquility, providing an idyllic backdrop for joyous festivities. From personalized outdoor gatherings in our lush gardens to intimate poolside soirees, we tailor every


Unforgettable Corporate Events: Elevate Your Business at Kaalmegha Resort. Experience our private duplex villa with a personal swimming pool, expansive 2000-3000 sf private lawn, and exclusive bungalows. Book now and create lasting memories for your corporate event in a truly luxurious setting.


Experience the Ultimate Camping Event at Kaalmegha Resort. Explore the wilderness with 9 spacious tents and indulge in thrilling team building activities. Unwind amidst the scenic private lawn and relax in our luxurious private duplex villa and exclusive bungalows. Book now for an unforgettable camping adventure!