Life Styles

Prayer Place

Kaalmegha Country Club & resort boasts a captivating mosque, a tranquil sanctuary for spiritual reflection. An elegant architecture harmonizing with nature, the mosque offers a peaceful haven for prayer amidst lush greenery. It's serene ambiance invites guests to find solace and connect with their faith amidst the beauty of the


At our resort, we understand the significance of sports in creating a holistic vacation experience. Whether you're a dedicated athlete or simply seeking some recreational fun, we have a wide array of sports facilities to keep you engaged and energized throughout your stay.For golf enthusiasts, our lush green golf course


Kalmegh and its surrounding neighbors are home to a variety of animals and plants that are yours to discover. Peer at soaring eagles and stunning brown foxes. Explore the old-growth forest and towering bamboo trees with your wilderness guide. Search for edible berries or delicate flowers along the many hiking


Discover emerald woods, dedicated cycling trails at Kalmegh forest that is perfect for you and your family to start on their cycling journey. Whether on your own or accompanied by an experienced guide, you’ll love the extensive network and stunning viewpoint of Kalmegh’s nature trails. So, grab your helmet and


Let loose at our indoor game zone which features table tennis, carrom, and ludo. Our Indoor games offer a refreshing change from the mundane. Be a master of angles and speed and make your best shot.