Terms & Condition

Terms & Conditions

  1. Rates:
    • All rates are exclusive of a 10% Service Charge and 15% VAT on Rent.
  2. Check-in and Check-out:
    • Check-in time: 1 PM.
    • Check-out time: 11 AM.
    • Late check-out beyond 11 AM will incur a fee of BDT 5000 per hour.
  3. Accommodations:
    • Four-bedroom villas accommodate up to 8 guests.
    • Three-bedroom villas accommodate up to 6 guests.
    • Maximum occupancy: 12 guests in four-bedroom villas, 9 guests in three-bedroom villas.
  4. Booking Confirmation:
    • All the reservations should be guaranteed by advance payment of full rent as per policy.
  5. Food Policy:
    • Guests must purchase food provided by Kaalmegha Country Club and Resort.
    • No outside food is allowed.
  6. Children's Food Policy:
    • Children aged 6 to 8 years: 50% charge of adult food package value.
    • Children above 8 years old: charged at adult food package cost.
  7. Room-wise Booking Policy:
    • A maximum of two adults & 2 children below 6 years age are allowed per room.
    • Additional charges: BDT 1200 for extra adults, BDT 600 for kids aged from 6 years to 9 years old.
    • Accommodation is free for kids below 6 years of age.
  8. Driver Facilities:
    • Driver food and accommodation are available at BDT 2300.
  9. Payment:
    • All dues must be cleared during check-in.
  10. Smoking Policy:
    • Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the villa.
    • Penalty of BDT 10,000 for violation.
  11. Kitchen Usage:
    • Guests are prohibited from using the villa's kitchen for their own food preparation for safety reasons.
  12. Pet Policy:
    • Pets are allowed under certain circumstances. Please contact us for more information.
  13. Damage and Compensation:
    • Kaalmegha Country Club and Resort reserves the right to charge guests for any damage or changes to the villa's interior structure during their stay. Charges will be based on supporting evidence.
  14. Identification:
    • A valid photo ID is mandatory during check-in.
  15. Reservation and Cancellation Policy:
    • The reservation and cancellation policy of Kaalmegha Country Club & Resort will apply.